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     1.                     The range of activities of the Society shall involve

all the members, irrespective of their place of residence, and, in particular cases, their families as well as the families of the deceased members.

     2.        The members of the Society shall be divided into the

following categories:

        (a)    Honorary,

        (b)    Ordinary,


                     (c)   Supporting.

    3.         Members who shall deserve it especially, through some

good work done for the Society can be admitted into the Society as "Honorary Members".

    4.         Ordinary members can be admitted:

         (a)   Persons of Polish nationality (not necessarily of Polish descent) and their families.

        (b)   Such other persons as shall be accepted in such

capacity at a General Meeting of the Society.

5.                                         Supporting member shall be any person, physical or legal, if admitted as such by the Board of the Association, in recognition of their services to the Society, or the Polish cause.

     6.        No person maintaining whatsoever contacts with the

communists or organizations with similar or subversive ends shall become a member of the Society.

    7.         New members shall be admitted:

        (a)   On recommendation signed by two members of the Society, who have been a member of the Society for at least one year.

        (b)   On presentation of proof or evidence of having

.' .

belonged to a similar Polish organization in some

other part of Canada, the Commonwealth or the United States of America.

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