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     (c)   In case of a lack of written recommendation as provided in 7(a) and 7(b) hereof, candidates seeking to be admitted can become members upon approval by the Board of Association, after the lapse of a three month period from the date of presentation of an application to become a member and upon the payment of the entrance fee.

8.         Supporting members have no active or passive rights as far as the election of the members of the Board of Association is concerned.

9.         Honorary and supporting members are entitled to take part in the activities of the Society but shall not have to pay monthly dues.

10.        Ordinary members shall have the following rights and


    (a)   To participate in the advantages connected with the activities of the Society.

    (b)   To take part in the elections of the Board of the Association and can be elected to said Board of the Association.

    (c)   Shall undertake to respect the Constitution of the Society as well as the decisions of the
General Meetings of the Society and regulations and by-laws of the Society.

    (d)   Contribute to the treasury of the Society by paying the fees fixed.

    (e)   Undertake to observe constant and unequivocal loyalty towards the Society.

   (f)   Recognize the moral obligation of any member of the Society to refund all the expenses connected with assistance which he or she received from the Society as soon as he or she finds himself or herself in the position to do so.

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